Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yom Hatzmaut (Israeli Independence Day)

It has been 61 years since Israel has declared its independence as the homeland of the Jewish people and like most Israelis I spent my holiday partying in Tel Aviv. Like the last three years I decided to go to Kikar Rabin (Rabin square), in Tel Aviv, for the night time concert and fireworks show. Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed due to the fact that last years 60th birthday was off the hook fun, and well……It seems they spent all their money last year because the music was bad and the fireworks show was short. Never mind that…..

After the show I made my way to Florentine St., which is Tel Aviv’s most trendy and urban neighborhood, along with every other 20 to 28 year old in the Tel Aviv greater area. One not to disappoint, the Florentine Independence Day street party kept to its name and could have rivaled the best of any Mardi Gras. Packed to the brim, with walking space scarce, this part hipster hang out, part old-timer hang about, really showed off the power of the Tel Aviv night life. The funny thing is; as an American I am used to being uneasy at a large public gathering, due to the fact that there are always a lot of fights and always someone with some sort of weapon. Well, Tel Aviv does not have that problem!!! Not only were there around 50,000 young people at this party, but there were probably more girls then guys, and I don’t think a single fight broke out.

Borekas #1

In the middle of Florentine street there is this very old bakery that has been around for at least 40-50 years and on Yom Hatzmaut they make sure that they are open for the Drunks. Crispy, flakey, salty, buttery, oily, and delicious. This is the only way to describe this Israeli treat. Eaten by most people, all the time, Borekas is the Israeli version of a salty strudel. Made from a layered dough similar to Filo, they are usually filled with cheese, mushrooms, or mashed potatoes.

The Day:

During the day I decided to hit up the Tel Aviv beach for the Israeli Air force Show. A little disappointing compared to last year, but still fun….. Here is a couple shots for those who like weaponry.

Borekas #2

After the beach I stopped by this famous Borekas place on King George Street. This time I had a cheese and olives Boreka with the traditional side dishes. Sliced Israeli pickles(which are the best in the world), a puree of raw tomatoes, spicy sauce made from red chilies, a hard boiled egg, and OF COURSE TAHINA.


  1. That borekas #1 was taaasty.
    Overflowing with cheese
    i didn't have enough of it.

  2. i agree, It definitely was very good