Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ein Kimonim Cheese Farm

After having fun throughout Sfat, I made way Eastward towards Ein Kimonim, which is a private goat cheese farm on the way from Lake Kinneret to the Mediterranean.  After turning of the main highway, in a dangerous and quite precarious exit, I slowly drove up a one way dirt road till I arrived at the cheese store.  Upon parking my car in the lot, I noticed some moving creatures in the embankment just behind my car.   They were sitting on the rocks and just starring at me with a gaze, almost to fake to be real.  After grabbing a couple of shots, I moved closer to get a better look, at these rodent like creatures.  Later I would find out from a waitress at the adjacent restaurant, that in Israel they are called “rock bunnies” and are found all over the north or Israel.

            Upon entering the store I was pleasantly surprised to see a grand refrigerator counter filled to my hearts delight, with fresh made goats cheeses.  However, the cheese could only fit such an atmosphere, as the small store resembled that of any Tuscan deli, that could be thought of in a dream.  Waiting for my turn, as snacked on a bowl of complimentary olives, which were picked on the property, and had to be some of the best I had ever eaten.  (I bought about 5 packages of sealed olives to go..)

  When it came my turn to order I went with their flag ship cave aged goat cheese, which had a pleasantly sweet must, with a creamy bite that filled the palate and left a mild after taste.  The other cheese I bought was a red wine incrusted goat cheese, with a 3-4 month age.  It was sweet, salty, creamy, and quite enjoyable paired with a Tishbi French Colombard.

I have to say that I will go back…..

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