Thursday, May 7, 2009

One more piece of cheese, please.

Since I was already in Sfat I figured that I might as well stop by the Hameiri family Dairy.  This was the same dairy that I visited a month ago.....

I could not help myself and went for some of the red wine encrusted Sfatit cheese.  This is by far one of my favorite cheeses in the world.  Fortunately they had just brought in a new batch of goats milk, so I was able to watch the process a bit....

Friendly as ever Ms. Hameiri, the older lady with short hair on the far left side of the picture, also set me up with a couple samples before I decided on the aged pecorino.   A little more crowded then the last time, so I did not get that free cup of coffee.....

Tasting notes:

Pecorino:  Extremely pungent, with hints of mellon, wild herbs, and citrus, followed by creaminess and a smooth after taste.

Wine encrusted Sfatit:   Light notes of merlot, with hints of butter sautéed mushrooms and sea salt.  Finishes with a tart creaminess reminiscent of an aged feta.   


  1. Oh .. good cheese... WHERE WAS I!!
    i like the testing notes section :)

  2. It is tasting notes, note testing

    Anyways. You could have been there...... But Dont worry I brought some of the cheese home and I have some left.....

  3. yeah i meant tasting notes... and it is not, not note LOL

    Good, I'd like to have some :)

  4. THat looks good....

  5. You are all right, it does look good......