Thursday, March 5, 2009

Green Tahina Begins

It seems I have worked myself into the mood to finally start a blog.  I have been debating whether to start a blog for the last three years and it is about time I give it a try.  I have to say that the final straw that broke the camels back had to be a recent episode of Gourmet Magazines "Dairy of A Foodie" that depicted the stories of some of the world's most famous food bloggers.   That show really is great and I can not get enough of that magazine either.  I probably check in four to five times a week looking for some new inspiration to fill my minds appetite for the perfect meal.  I am inspired and it is time to write, photograph, cook, and eat.

Despite the fact that is it has become quite popular for people to have food blogs, I really could not care less.  I am a foodie and I need to talk about the food.  That is it....


  1. if you're a foodie then we can't wait to get you back to the SF Bay Area...truly the land of foodies